Oct 092019

1. Training Executive experience for Mobile phone (product knowledge, corporate culture, industry knowledge, sales skills)
2. According to the guide level, theme, holiday classification training
3. Participate in the implementation of GCC large-scale tour training, as well as shop staff training
4. Attend monthly trainer Skills training and development
5. In connection with the external training, to collect information on the training courses, the establishment of the external institutions and courses files, Including Factory learning
6. According to training needs for the development of teaching materials, a monthly output of a textbook. The management of the textbook library. Standardize training materials, organize the preparation, production (including electronic media teaching materials), please purchase training materials, the training materials for the manuscript marking, archiving, archiving and management.
7. Assistance or independent planning of the company’s various mobilization meetings
8. Assist in training for departmental needs according to other departments ‘ requirements
9. Assistance in the development or development of training-related systems and audit of the implementation
10. Evaluate staff training requirements, develop training plans, and organize the implementation
11. To the purchasing team or regional shopping guide mentality for management and spiritual support
12. According to the market situation, regular to do competitive product response analysis, courseware and color OS System new Operation guide
13. On time to complete all types of data report analysis, the problem of the shopping guide to reporting to the training manager, put forward relevant suggestions and comments
14. To assign the task not to speak the condition, the initiative to complete has the challenge difficulty and solves the difficulty the courage
15. Work efficiency is acceptable, can distinguish primary and secondary, can finish the job on time, basic guarantee quality

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-10-08
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Training and Development
Company Industry: Human Resources

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career

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