Oct 092019

Understands the equations, calculations and written instructions from designers and engineers before beginning a CAD drawing.
•Uses special notations and symbols to give instructions on drawings and blueprints.
•Draws plans for structural foundations and other construction projects.
•Uses manual drawing skills for plans that cannot be computer generated.
•Draws layout of room and building interiors.
•Revises drawings based on instructions from engineers or architects.
•Determines impact of site requirements and building codes before doing drawings or blueprints.
•Visits building sites to collect data for drawings.
•Consults with clients to understand their instructions and to answer their questions.
•Monitors compliance with building codes throughout the construction process.
•Reviews engineering data to ensure compliance with the original design plans.
•Modifies existing drawings.
•Draws illustrations of mechanical systems for manuals.
•Meets all deadlines.
•Stores drawings electronically for later use.
•Programs drawings into manufacturing systems.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-10-07
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Construction and Building
Company Industry: Automotive Repair, Spare Parts, & Support Services

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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