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– examines all children from birth until the age of 18 years

– performs monthly routine examination for children especially in the first year of life

– monitors growth control for the motor and psychological development of children by age

– performs clinical diagnosis of all pathological conditions and gives appropriate treatment

– follows-up for the results of laboratory tests and radiographs required for diagnosis and in for the parents

– follows – up the treated cases and their response to treatment or other development or complication

– keeps documentation of patient cases in a special record for follow-up

– performs/provides all vaccines according to the national program of the ministry of health and follow-up any case of allergy or side effect of any vaccine and documented it in the child’s record

– provides advice to parents about the proper nutrition of the child and the importance   and benefits of vaccines, exercise and hygiene and how to prevent some diseases and psychological communication with their children especially in school age, and pre-puberty and adolescence

– administers/provides gentle handling with the child especially during the examination and get information from parents in an easy way and patience and respond well to their questions and explain to them about the state of their child and deliver the idea in a clear and understandable way

– answer the parent’s question by phone

– provides guidance and training to nursing staff to ensure demonstration of effective and appropriate communication skills with children and their families

– monitors especially for vaccines to do their job well in the clinic

– requests for consultation from another doctor to help to diagnose in some cases

– answers any consultation from another doctor

– confirms the importance of sterilization and hygiene in all aspects of the pediatric department

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-08-08
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Company Industry: Pharmaceutical

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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